Commercial Property Insurance

You use your skill as a brew master to craft unique beverages for your customers. You deserve the same level of skill to protect your building and equipment from damage.  Commercial Property Insurance pays to repair or replace your building and contents from physical damage.  The Craft Beverage Program then provides coverage for items specific to your microbrewery:

  • Tank collapse coverage – provides up to policy limits for collapse of a covered tank.
  • Tan leakage – provides up to $50,000 for loss to covered property due to a leak of beverage from a tank.
  • Coverage for business interruption and extra expenses to keep you financially secure after a covered loss.
  • Utility services coverage provides up to $75,000 for damage caused by a loss of power, water or communication.
  • Water backup coverage up to $100,000 for damage to your property due to water that backs up from a sewer, drain or sump pump.

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