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It’s not pleasant to think about being a victim of theft by forgers, robbers, burglars or computer hackers, but it does happen. Additionally, someone you hire may embezzle from you, or money may be fraudulently transferred from your account. While written guidelines, security measures and diligent hiring practices may deter unscrupulous activity, it’s important to have insurance in place to protect your business.

Janasko Insurance offers an array of crime options. Most beer, wine and spirits manufacturers prefer our Craft Beverage Crime Coverage. It bundles several crime coverages for your brewery, winery, or distillery operations, including
coverage against:

  • computer fraud
  • employee theft
  • forgery and alteration
  • funds transfer fraud
  • theft of money and securities on premises
  • theft of money and securities off premises
  • loss from money orders and counterfeit money

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